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The Plan: 6-pack abs. A tonne of muscle. The knowledge you need to keep the results for life.

Dieting: What to eat. When to eat it.

Training: How to train for YOUR physique.

Accountability: 24/7 messaging with your dedicated coach, who will be teaching you EVERYTHING.

How: We drive you down to 12% bodyfat FAST. This means 6-pack abs. We then switch into a Lean Gain and start packing on muscle. 12 weeks later you're a completely different man.

1,000+ men all over UK and Aus have changed their lives forever.

It's your turn.

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  • You will lose AT LEAST 1kg of fat or gain 1/4kg of muscle EVERY WEEK.

  • Education on how to hit your calories EASILY.

  • Calorie targets adjusted every 4 weeks SO THE RESULTS KEEP COMING.

  • A training program that's built for YOUR PHYSIQUE.



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All clients receive:

  • Our Welcome Pack which teaches you EVERYTHING around training and tracking calories. Valued at £300 - sent as soon as you subscribe!

  • ONE dedicated coach the whole way through. Who isn't going to bullshit you. Who's going to teach you EVERYTHING from scratch. Who creates hundreds of insane transformations every year - and is going to MAKE SURE you're one of them.

  • Everything delivered professionally through the Physique Factory App. Our App guides you through every training session, tracks your food, logs your daily weight & progress, and allows 24/7 messaging between you and your coach. Everything works seamlessly - which means the results come easy.

  • Training programs updated in an INTELLIGENT way. Each training block builds upon the last one. Training gets tougher as you get stronger. We teach you how to do this properly - so you can keep progressing for life.

  • When we make changes to your calories or your training, we teach you WHY we are making those changes. This means you learn how to do this stuff for yourself. After working with us - you'll never need a coach again!

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How exactly does this work?

The Step-By-Step:

  • You click "I'm Ready" on your selected program above, set up your account and secure your spot.

  • You'll immediately receive confirmation, and your Welcome Pack & Onboarding Form will be sent to your email.

  • Our Welcome Pack will teach you how to train properly and diet easily. The Onboarding Form is where we collect all the info we need to design your new program - your current pics, bodyweight, training history & dieting experience.

  • We create your new program - and the Physique Upgrade begins!

  • Your first 7 days are crucial - your coach will be guiding you through everything one-on-one, making SURE you understand how to track calories easily & train properly. By day 10 the results are coming HARD AND FAST. 

  • We keep adjusting the plan to make sure we're losing AT LEAST 1 KG of fat OR gaining 1/4 KG of muscle EVERY WEEK, all the way to your goal physique.

  • We teach you WHY we do everything we do - after 12 weeks with us you'll never need a coach again!

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